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BOCC Budget Workshop July 13, 2016



JULY 13, 2016

The Budget Workshop of the Board of Levy County Commissioners was held on July 13, 2016 at 9:00 A.M. in the Levy County Board of County Commissioners meeting room with the following Commissioners present:

Chairman John Meeks

Comm. Rock Meeks

Comm. Danny Stevens

Comm. Lilly Rooks

Comm. Mike Joyner

Also present were:

County Attorney – Anne Bast Brown
County Coordinator – Fred Moody

Danny J. Shipp – Clerk of Court

Chairman John Meeks called the Meeting to order at 9:00 A.M.  Comm. Rock Meeks gave the invocation, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.



Jared Blanton spoke to the Board and provided an overview of the budget, pointing out for the past several years, savings has been used to balance the budget.  Mr. Blanton stated this is an unsustainable pattern.

Sheila Rees stated the current rolled back rate is 8.1598 and the assessed values increased by only 2%.  There was less than a $250,000 increase in Ad Valorem taxes calculated by using the current millage rate of 8.2741.  Mrs. Rees stated a 3% raise to employees was calculated into the budget as presented.

Mr. Moody stated the increase to health insurance this year is 6.1%.



Mrs. Rees presented the budget request for the Clerk of Court which is less than a $39,000 increase.  The increase is due to there being less fees the Clerk is able to collect.  The total amount requested includes the increase for insurance and a 3% raise for employees.

Daren Remington spoke to the Board regarding the budget request of $52,000 for IT and the possibility of linking all outside Board offices for internet connection through AT&T to be centralized at the courthouse.

Mrs. Rees stated Property Appraiser, Oz Barker was unable to attend, but his budget request reflected an increase for computer software.  His budget does not include a raise for employees or increase for insurance.

Under Sheriff, Brett Beauchamp spoke regarding the budget for the Sheriff’s Office which is increased by $451,528.  This amount reflects a 4% raise for employees and a $25,000 increase to their vehicle line.

Comm. Joyner asked if a letter could be sent from the Commissioners to the Sheriff’s Department expressing their appreciation of the job being done by the Sheriff’s Department employees.  It was agreed by consensus to have a letter prepared by the Chairman and all Commissioners will sign.

Supervisor of Elections, Tammy Jones spoke to the Board regarding the budget request for her department stating her budget request is reduced from last year by $24,900.



Jonathan Lewis, representing the Levy County Prevention Coalition spoke to the Board and requested a matching percentage of their $187,000 Federal Drug Free Communities Grant in the amount of 5%, 7% or 10% rather than a set amount.

Barbara Locke, representing the Levy County Health Department spoke to the Board stating she had gotten no indication of any changes coming for their budget for the upcoming year.

Steve Kay, Director of Weatherization and Housing for the Central Florida Community Action Agency spoke to the Board and requested an increase of $14,250.

Mr. Moody spoke on behalf of LARC, stating they are requesting a $10,000 increase from last year which was $57,200.

Maggie Labarta, representing Meridian Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. requested an increase of $10,000.

David Pieklik, representing Nature Coast Business Development stated the increase for his department is $275.

The meeting recessed at 10:39 A.M.

The meeting reconvened at 10:48 A.M.



Mr. Moody gave an update and requested approval and direction on the Department of Public Safety Director position.  An offer was made to Mr. Stegall of a starting salary of $79,000 and after six (6) months a base salary of $85,000.  This was rejected by Mr. Stegall and a starting salary of $85,000 with a 3% increase after six (6) months was requested.
Comm. Rooks made a motion to re-offer the original salary and options to Mr. Stegall.  If this offer is refused, move to the second choice applicant and make the same offer.  Second was made by Comm. Stevens and the MOTION CARRIES.



Jacqueline Martin requested Board approval to set the health insurance premiums paid by the Board for employees’ coverage(s) for fiscal year 2016-2017.

Mrs. Martin stated overall pool average for Levy County was 6.1.  Using this amount, the budget increase for the insurance premiums paid by the Board would be $167,140.

Comm. Joyner made a motion for the Board to absorb the increase to the insurance premiums.  Second was made by Comm. Rooks and the MOTION CARRIES.



Animal Services


University Oaks/Manatee Utilities

Mosquito Control

Mr. Weldon presented the total budget for their State Mosquito Control budget at $44,967.65.  This budget is partially grant funded in the amount of $32,467 and must be submitted to the State by July 30th.  Comm. Joyner made a motion to approve the State Mosquito Control budget as presented.  Second was made by Comm. Rock Meeks and the MOTION CARRIES.


Parks & Recreation



The meeting recessed at 12:33: P.M.

The meeting reconvened at 2:00 P.M.


Road Department



Mrs. Rees stated the information presented to the Board reflects the Fire Departments budget requests which had been received.  The Fire budget as presented is out of balance by more than $700,000.

Fire Chiefs from Cedar Key, Williston and Inglis spoke to the Board regarding their budgets.




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Clerk of Court, Danny J. Shipp                                                  Chairman, John Meeks