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BOCC Public Hearing – September 5, 2013





The Public Hearing of the Board of Levy County Commissioners was held on September 5, 2013 at 6:00 PM in the Levy County Board of County Commissioners meeting room, with the following Commissioners present:


Chairman Ryan Bell

Comm. John Meeks

Comm. Mike Joyner

Comm. Danny Stevens

Comm. Chad Johnson

            Also present were:


County Attorney – Anne Bast Brown

County Coordinator – Fred Moody

Clerk of Court – Danny Shipp



Comm. Bell called the Special Meeting to order at 6:06 P.M.  Comm. Joyner gave the invocation, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


Sheila Rees requested Board approval of Resolution 2013-44 adopting the tentative millage rate at 8.3307, which is the rolled back rate.


Comm. Bell asked if there was anyone in the audience wishing to speak regarding the tentative millage rate.


Robert Kerr representing Fanning Springs Fire Department spoke to the Board and asked if the Board would consider a 6% one-time amount for their budget.  Mr. Kerr stated Fanning Springs has a brush truck and a fire/rescue watercraft in need of repair and cannot be used at this time.  It would cost around $2,500 to repair the brush truck and between $2,000 and $3,000 to repair the watercraft.


Comm. Bell advised Mr. Kerr the Board would consider his request once the tentative millage rate had been adopted.


Comm. Johnson made a motion to approve Resolution 2013-44 adopting the tentative millage rate at 8.3307, which is the rolled back rate.  Second was made by Comm. Joyner and the MOTION CARRIES.


Comm. Joyner made a motion to provide Fanning Springs with 1/3 of the amount to pay for repair of the watercraft up to $1,000 as the funding for Fanning Springs Fire Department comes from Levy County, Gilchrist County and the City of Fanning Springs.  Second was made by Comm. Stevens and the MOTION CARRIES.


Mayor Cheryl Nikola and Dana Sheffield spoke to the Board.


Comm. Meeks made a motion to adopt Resolution 2013-45 adopting the tentative budget of $66,105.32 for fiscal year 2013-2014.  Second was made by Comm. Johnson and the MOTION CARRIES.


Mrs. Rees asked the Board how they would like to proceed with work at the Public Safety Complex.  The approximate budget set previously for work to be done had been depleted due to unforeseen repairs.

Mr. Moody stated the Administration building will be up and running by next Tuesday and the College of Central Florida will be using one of the buildings by converting the space into four (4) classrooms.

Mrs. Rees stated with the Board’s approval, work on the facility can continue and the line items can be adjusted for both this fiscal year and next fiscal year budget amounts to cover expenses which will be around $170,000.  The total budget will not change, only money amounts within the budget.


The Board agreed by consensus to allow Chief Knowles to get P.O.’s and sign off verifying work and materials purchased when bills are sent in for payment.


Mr. Moody reminded everyone there is a Public Hearing set for Wednesday, September 11th at 6:30 P.M. for adoption of Non-Ad Valorem Assessment and there is a Budget Meeting set for Monday, September 16th at 6:00 P.M. to approve the final budget and millage rate.


The Board agreed to meet on September 30th at 9:00 A.M. to pay year end bills.


Mrs. Rees asked for clarification with regard to bills submitted for payment by the City of Williston and the City of Chiefland on the additional amounts previously approved.

The Commissioners agreed the bills would go to Chief Knowles for approval before being submitted for payment.


Comm. Bell stated Tuesday, September 10th is the RESTORE Act drop in application workshop.




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Clerk of Court, Danny J. Shipp                                                                 Chairman, Ryan Bell