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BOCC Special Meeting – October 15, 2013



OCTOBER 15, 2013



The Special Meeting of the Board of Levy County Commissioners was held on October 15, 2013 at 9:00 AM in the Levy County Board of County Commissioners meeting room, with the following Commissioners present:


Chairman Ryan Bell

Comm. John Meeks

Comm. Mike Joyner

Comm. Danny Stevens

Comm. Chad Johnson

            Also present were:

County Attorney – Anne Bast Brown

County Coordinator – Fred Moody

Clerk of Court – Danny J. Shipp



Comm. Bell called the Meeting to order at 9:01 A.M.  Comm. Joyner gave the invocation, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.





Jeffrey Winter, Project Manager

Address results of testing regarding the Tarafa project; issue previously discussed at the October 8, 2013 Regular Meeting.


Mr. Winter spoke to the Board of the results of testing regarding the Tarafa project as previously discussed at the October 8th Regular Meeting.  Mr. Winter stated the Geotech Engineer’s report indicated there is a confining soil layer which is responsible for the septic systems failure and saturation of the drain field.  GSE Engineering and Consulting submitted a report to Jordan and Associates on October 9th identifying three (3) options


  1. Reduce water consumption by providing low-flow, no-flow toilets; low-flow shower heads and other measures to reduce water consumption in the home.


  1. Over excavate the confining soil which was dredged from the canal for this parcel of land and do some modeling to determine if this could reduce the septic fluids rising and breaking out the sides of the mound and going into the roadway.


  1. Breach through the confining layer of peat material and organic soil up to 30 feet.


A proposal received yesterday for a supplemental geotechnical site evaluation, October 14th outlined the cost of option #2 at a cost of $2,200.  If this option is not possible, the county could take advantage of mobilizing GSE Engineering on site to do supplementary testing to bore up to 30 feet below land surface to determine if option #3 would be feasible.  The cost of option #3 would be an additional $1,000.


Mr. Winter requested the Board approve Modification #3 to extend the grant for the time necessary to conduct the supplemental testing.  Upon receiving the engineer’s report and scope of work the issue can be corrected and move forward with getting the contract completed.


Ronald VanZant of Jordan and Associates spoke to the Board regarding options other than what has been presented to complete the project.


After discussion, Comm. Bell passed the gavel to Vice Chairman Johnson and made a motion to award Jordan and Associates a six (6) month extension, a letter to be prepared and sent to the DEO for a six (6) month extension for Levy County by Jordan and Associates, to set a ceiling of $10,000 maximum expense without future contact of the Board and a 30 day minimum “report card” to the Board of the progress of this project.  Comm. Bell included in his motion the approval of Modification #3 to Subgrant Agreement between the DEO and Levy County.  Second was made by Comm. Meeks.

After discussion, Comm. Bell amended his motion to change the 30 day minimum reporting of Jordan and Associates to the Board to reflect the requirement of 15 day reporting via e-mail or fax every 30 days in person to Ms. Neely or to the Board.

Vice-Chairman Johnson called for vote by the Commissioners and the MOTION CARRIES.





Fred Moody

Clarify funds approved for RAD, as presented by Lt. Tremblay during the July 2, 2013 Budget Workshop; as $3,000 for fiscal year 2013-14.


Mr. Moody brought to the attention of the Board a request for funding of the RAD Program presented by Lt. Tremblay during the July 2, 2013 Budget Workshop.  The amount requested of $3,000 will be expended by submitting purchase orders for items needed.


Comm. Joyner made a motion to approve $3,000 to be used for expenditures submitted for payment by the RAD Program.  Second was made by Comm. Meeks and the MOTION CARRIES.





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Clerk of Court, Danny J. Shipp                                                                 Chairman, Ryan Bell