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Important Reminder to Attorneys

Important reminder to attorneys regarding Foreclosure/Notice of Sale/Default:


Once the Clerk for Levy County completes the issuance of certain documents, they will then return back to the attorney of record (any summons, notice of action, and notice of sale) via email.

Procedures must be followed for publication of court documents. Regarding legal notices of sale it is the RESPONSIBILITY OF THE ATTORNEY OF RECORD to publish legal notices with the local newspaper and/or forward to the Sheriff or process server. The attorney of record must then E-FILE PROOF OF PUBLICATION(s) to our office PRIOR TO any sale taking place or default being entered.

Failure to follow this procedure can result in the sale being cancelled or default not being entered.


If you have any questions regarding this procedure please contact Deanna Dobbins, Director of Court Services 352-486-5266, ext. 255.